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Contact Us

Contact Us

Email: sarah@ wallypop.net (you will need to REMOVE the space after the @ in order for this to work!)

Phone: (515) 462-0790
Please keep in mind that this is my home number, and respect normal waking hours. We live in Central Time.
Please also note that it's most helpful if you leave your name, phone number, and date of your call.

Address: Please call or email if you would like our mailing address.
We are located in Des Moines Iowa.


About Wallypop

Wallypop is my home business, based in Des Moines, Iowa. I am Sarah Reid, Work At Home Mom (WAHM) and mommy of three.

I've always enjoyed sewing - I began when I was a very little girl. We chose to use cloth diapers on our oldest (Wally) because we knew it was the best thing for him. (The financial aspect helped, too!) When I was pregnant with Wally, I began to sew diapers for him. That's when I discovered how fun it is to sew diapers! I started sewing a few diapers for friends online, who told their friends, etc., and by the time Wally was born, I realized that this could be a viable home business. I needed a source of income and wanted to do something I enjoy, so Wallypop was born shortly after Wally was!

Wearing Wally in a wrap during one of our evening dance classes.

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Wallypop is a Green company!

We strive to do everything we can to reduce waste and reduce our environmental impact. I cut my products to use as much of the fabric as possible, and I save scraps to use as breast pads, cycle pads, projects around my home, or items for Boulevard Designs. The fabric scraps I can't use, I pass along to a friend I know who makes crazy quilts which are mailed to missionary friends of hers to be distributed to the people in the country in which they live.

We try to reduce our paper use, and almost every piece of paper I use, gets used on both sides. (Either I use the back as scratch paper, or Wally colors or paints on it, or we use it for homeschooling.)

We don't use packaging of any sort, most packaging is just thrown away anyway! In-person customers who don't bring their own bags take their items home in re-used grocery bags, and mail-order customers get their orders in re-used boxes when possible.

We keep our energy usage under control and buy products made by other WAHMs (like the Naturally Luxe line) in America (like our cord locks and sling rings) or made under good working conditions (like the Wrapsdy line) when possible.

Please note that, in the interest of keeping prices low, we do end up making some compromises. Most of our fabric is not certified fair trade, for example. That doesn't meant that it's woven by small children working for pennies a day - it just means that we don't really know much about where it comes from.


How our diapers and carriers are made

I do all of the shopping and most of the labor myself. I buy the flannel, some wool, and most carrier fabric locally, and I buy most of the other materials direct from the manufacturers. After I wash and dry all of the fabric, I set up a mini assembly line. With two kids to take care of, it's easiest to do things in chunks of similar tasks!

These days, with a preschooler and a baby, I do most of my work with the preschooler working on the computer or otherwise entertaining himself and the baby in the wrap. I always have two projects going - one at the sewing machine for when the baby's asleep, and one on the cutting table for when the baby's restless or awake and wants motion. Sometimes, she sleeps in her hammock, but usually, I sew with her sleeping on my chest in the wrap.


Wally was about 1 year old in these pictures. He is asleep in the picture on the left, cuddled snugly in a Wallypop Mei Tai carrier.

One thing to note: Our products are all handmade. Therefore, there will be some natural variations in our products. I do my best to make all of our products standard, but not every wipe, for example, will be an exactly perfect square of fabric. This is just the reality of hand-made products!

Please take a look around. I enjoy being able to provide my customers with high-quality, WAHM-made cloth diapers, baby slings, and more.