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Feedback from our Happy Customers

"We LOVE them! Thank you so much. We want to buy more of the fleece covers. Honestly they are the only thing keeping our boys dry at night." - Nikki

"You are the best and my girls at the daycare love your dipes the best. I wish I would have found you when i first started cloth diapering." - Hillari

"Just wanted to say thanks so much for the diapers and the wet bags, they are fabulous!  You do such good work and it is appreciated!  I can't wait to show off my new stash to everyone!  Wish I had bought more from you from the beginning." - Brandy

I just got my diapers and I looooooooove them!  Thanks so much!   - Mollie

I just received the wool diaper wraps. They are beautiful. If I had known about you earlier, I would have started off with your covers. Please keep up the great work. May your new year be full of blessing.   - Lorajoy

I had ordered a long time back now a mei-tei from you in a polka-dot corduroy. And I just wanted to say that it is SUCH a great sling, we use it every single day with my now-one-year-old, and occasionally with the 3 1/2 year old, it's just so awesome. In fact it's so popular LOL that since I just got a sewing machine from my mom I've had to make doll-size mei-teis for the kids! :-)    -Jennifer A.

"We have several Wallypop fitteds, pockets, woolie wraps and fleece pullons along with a sling, wetbag and pad.  We religiously use the wet bag and pad.  The woolie wraps keep me from having to change sheets every day with my heavy wetter 3 yo.  The fitteds are the perfect shape for holding a prefold for a heavy wetter, we use them with the woolie at night.  I still have and use the first sling I got from you - I love the shoulder and the weight of the fabric, nice and light and not in the way.  The pockets we have are the only ones that I haven't had wicking issues on.  I keep name dropping you for my friends who are interested in babywearing and cloth diapering.  Can't wait to get more soon when we have number 3!" - Julie S.


"We had our first baby shower today and received the changing pad set, prefolds, and cloth wipes.  Your work is awesome!  My friends who ordered from you raved about you and said how wonderful you were to work with.  Thank you!"   -Courtney and Mark

"I have ordered  2 AIO diapers from you a  few weeks ago and they are best I have ever used." -Sara S.

"Got a new baby coming early summer,  and I'm sure s/he will be spending lots of time in it.  Our 18 month old lives on daddy's back in the MT you made for us last year.  You do such a great job,  and your reasonable prices are what keep me coming back!"  - Lisa, mama to 8 blessings

" I got the diaper yesterday and I love it!! You do great work! I also wanted to thank you for making well made cloth diapers affordable. After all, it is the main reason why I got into it in the first place. You are really helping out family's on a budget!" - Cecily

"Your fuzzy covers work better than anything, I love them!"

"I received the diapers today. They are wonderful. Thank you very much.  I appreciate your fast service and excellent work!" - Kim

"Sarah, I got the sling today and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! Thank you thank you thank you!! I will definitely sing your praises to all of my friends. Again, I appreciate your expertise and handiwork! Can't wait to wear my newborn!"  -Kassie, Military Wife stationed in Germany

"I got my box of KU stuff yesterday -- WOW -- so totally perfect and cool. It is so great. Thank you so much. They look so good and are just what I was looking for. " - Aimee P (Jan 2006)


"I ordered 1 diaper and a changing pad from you a few months ago - and we LOVE them! My husband demanded that I order some more Wallypop diapers (he calls them Wallypoops - he thinks it's funny). We have [several other well-known brands] - and that is his favorite - and mine too - I want to get more! Thanks for the great dipes (and changing pad)" - Gwen (Jan 2006)


"Your custom fitted diapers arrived last week -- time flies, but I think it was last week. They're very cute. Thank you so much for working on them so fast and for providing an extra diaper!! Oh, and thank you for the cloth wipes in the earlier hemp diaper order. She wears the dipes a lot, and hubby has a much easier time putting them on. I'm sorry it took so long to write. I'm really amazed that you have time to run such a wonderful business." - Sue B. (Dec 2005)

"I am enjoying my diapers.  It's a lot of fun!  The fleece cover worked really well over night."

"I LOVE the WRAP!"

"I really love your Asian style carriers!...I get really tired of seeing all the babyprints for slings sometimes because I'm the one wearing them too! ... Just wanted to tell you that you have a really nice design there and I'm genuinely impressed!" Jamie Haidinger, San Angelo, TX

I just wanted to let you know that I got the carriers yesterday and they are absolutely lovely!!! I used them last night and the babies loved them too! Thanks so much for your hard work...they are just exactly what I wanted!  -Nora


"OH MY GOSH! I got your package last night....Monday....First, I was so excited that I received it so soon....Second, IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL! And...I love that it's so high-quality! This is my first mei tei and I am so very very excited that I bought it from you! Thank you so much! I can't wait to try it today with my baby. My husband asked me last night if I wanted to go wake up the baby, so I could try it! LOL"  Kristin

"The pouch is great! I am having lots of fun with it...I have him in it right now. His in the front facing postition with his feet up. He loves it! He is so happy in his pouch!...We love the asian carrier I bought from you also!"  Beth

"Just wanted to let you...know I am totally wowed by these new diapers."   LouAnn

I just wanted to let you know that I got the diapers a couple days ago, and I love them! The flannel is soo soft... I opened up those diapers and I just wanted to snuggle with them! ... And they fit my little man well, with plenty of room to grow! ... Thanks for the great diapers!
 - Amanda

I just bought a sling from you today...and my son loves it. He usually does not sleep very well and when I put him in the sling he fell right asleep. Also, I ... have been trying to find many ways to bond with him and I can't think of a better (way) to do so. I just wanted to let you know you have a wonderful product.
thanks, Angel and Baby (2 months old)

Sarah, I just wanted to let you know I've received the changing pads and wet sack, and could not possibly be happier. The fabrics are perfect- charming and vintage. The padding is nice and soft for my baby's head, and they wash so nicely. Thanks again, I'm recommending you to everyone!